Are You Considering Dentures?

Are you considering extractions? Do you want to treat the teeth you have? Would you like to explore the idea of havng a removable denture? These are common questions that require careful thought.

Before making any decision, a good set of xray images should be made and a thorough exam/charting should be done. The answers to the preceding questions depend upon the what is savable and what you, the patient wants to do.

Extraction Strategy

We strive to create a denture result that is cosmetically pleasing, stays in comfortably and works for the patient. When transitioning from natural teeth to dentures, we want every step to improve the way a patient looks and functions. We use strategies to conserve the valuable and delicate bony ridge. We also remove teeth in a sequence that will allow for maximum denture stability after placement.

Immediate Dentures

This is a term that refers to a denture is placed immediately after extracting teeth. Most patients who are getting dentures don't want to have teeth extracted with no replacements forthcoming. There are many ways to go about extracting teeth and placing dentures. Patients should understand that there are pros and cons associated with different approaches.

Denture Replacement

Have you ever heard of a patient or friend who has gotten a new, supposedly better fitting denture and they are saying it now hurts? This is a common occurence and happens because new dentures are different from what the patient has been used to. We use techniques that utilize elements of what the patient is comfortable with, but yet make corrections and changes to improve objectionable characteristics. In other words, we try to make a replacement denture that focuses on improvements without making drastic changes.

Denture Quality

Dentures are an art. They are made using impressions, measurements and hand shaped acrylic. Every step is subject to judgment and error. We try to standardize our process using methods and personell that have proven sucessful. We scrutinize every aspect, balancing a wide variety of factors to create a prosthesis customized to each individual. Although we use high quality materials and processes, our strength is in our ability to turn our vision into results.